Smart Ways Most Nigerian Ladies Keep Guys On Their Waiting List


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1. They keep saying, “I’ll think about it”

And he’ll keep waiting on “pins and needles”
If it’s more than two months, guy please, think about your initial decision and rescind it. Look elsewhere.

2. They ask you; “Can’t we just remain friends?”

Don’t you get it, if I wanted to be just friends, will I be asking you out?

3. They wake up one morning and start acting all nice.

Are you an actress? I believe this is just to keep you hopes up and high. Perhaps, she has a need in two days time. She is nice by remembering you on Saturday and Sunday and GBAM, Monday, she needs 5k from you and she’ll pay back. Iffa hear! Stale Pattern!

4. They try to tease you a little by visiting you but standing outside or sitting afar.

Don’t let your mind wander so far, if you actually wanna settle down with a lady and after telling her, she puts up this sign. It’s significant: she doesn’t accept you…yet. She isn’t forming, she is still “weighing” you.

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5. Walking with them, they try not to hold hands and sometimes they walk faster than you.

I always take pity on guys who try so hard in pleasing some ‘conscience-less’ Nigerian ladies. From the way she walks ahead of him, you’ll just be laughing. She has more than four and she still wants him to buy her suya every evening, take her eateries on weekends, get her gifts occasionally… I mean, you’re not even in her TOP-10 list sef…Haba! Have witches in your Father’s house borrowed your brain for practicals?

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6. They say they can’t date you but they show almost all the signs of a girl who’s into a guy.

Singing: “I have decided NOT to take any girl serious who has ALREADY told me she is in a SERIOUS relationship.” If she is giving “green lights” and her words are spewing “red lights”, then she is not sure. Leave her! Simple!

7. They Discuss Every Other Topic With Him Except On “Relationship/Love”

You’ll even think she is so innocent and doesn’t want to settle down any time soon. It’s just that you are still in her “Waiting List.” She’s still checking you up, so to speak. Until you see around some other guys and her disposition, then you’ll believe.
In conclusion; while I totally kick against being on a “Waiting List” for so long, I also want to advise our ladies, The grass is not always greener on the other side. The ones around you now, Choose one among them, especially when age is not on your squad. When you start getting close to 28 and your palms and hands are not so soft again and there is just something about your eyes that tells you’re a bit advanced and thus no longer interested in “casual relationship”, and the young and playful begins to turn away in “disappointment”, it might turn unnecessarily spiritual then.

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