10 signs that shows you are really in love with him


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Sometimes you have a mixed feeling asking yourself if you are in love or not, you need not to think or fool yourself again so it is better you honestly follow your heart.

Here are 10 signs that shows you are actually in love with someone

1. You check your phone always:If you keep glancing at your phone to check if you have missed calls or text messages, you ensure your phone is not on silent so that you’ll hear it ring, if the sound of your phone going off sends a tingle down your spine then we might be thinking of love.

2. You feel safer with him:Being around them makes you feel you are on top of the world and you are delighted to be having a conversation with them no matter what you are talking about or where you are.

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3. You defend him when your friend says something negative about him:When your friends try to rag who you like and you protect him even if they are saying something not that bad you feel they do not appreciate your lover.

4. He sneaks into your mind:No matter what you try to think about, you have his thoughts in your mind, no matter what, everywhere you go, you think of him. It’s a strange feeling that you can’t help. He pops into your mind at the most random time.

5. You fight over stup*d stuffs:Things aren’t perfect all the times. He has some annoying habits, like listening to weird music or insisting on something one of you do not like. The special thing about the argument is that those little things don’t wear down your love.

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6. You sacrifice your time to attend to him:No matter how important what you are doing is you will change your schedule and run into loops to spend time with him without even thinking about it.

7. You talk about him everywhere/ every time:You cannot help but keep talking about him every time and it doesn’t matter where or who you are discussing with he will still come up in the conversation.

8. You look back over at his text messages:When you are sent a text message you smile and read it on and on again. You keep all the text messages you have with him, because revisiting his text message brightens your day and makes you smile.

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9. You are always curious about him:You find yourself hooked on every word he says; you are always interested in every detail about him.

10. He knows how to make you laugh:No one else can make you almost laugh your face off the floor, especially when he talks with you about the future. Because laughter is the outward sign of how happy you feel inside.

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